Stony Creek
is a beautiful freestone stream just North of Harrisburg, PA and one of my favorite streams since my introduction to fly fishing more than 50 years ago. Stony has survived the onslaught of mining activities of the 1800�s and an attempt by a utility company to flood the valley for hydroelectric use in the 1970�s. It is currently designated a wild and scenic river. Like Stony Creek, quality handcrafted bamboo fly rods have survived the innovations of fiberglass and graphite to remain the standard of excellence in fly rods.

An appreciation of bamboo rods that began when my grandfather gave me my first fly rod was culminated in 1995 when I was taught bamboo rod building by George Maurer. Since 1998, custom built bamboo rods have been available for purchase under the name of Stony Creek Rods. From 2010 through 2018 the rod shop was in Maine. In 2019 the shop moved to West Cornwall Township, Lebanon County Pennsylvania.

Painter since 1970, this website includes information on paintings by Tom Whittle.
Written by
Bill Harms & Tom Whittle
Foreword by Hoagy B. Carmichael Illustrations by Kim Mellema
Published by Stony Creek Rods

"Split & Glued By Vincent C. Marinaro" is the inscription Vince put on each of his fly rods and serves as the title for this book. Published in 2007. Limited availability.

Trade Edition $59.95
Contact us for more information and availability of copies.
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Tom Whittle
204 Scenic Ridge Blvd
Lebanon, PA 17042

Phone: 223-333-6502

Email: tom@stonycreekrods.com
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paintings by Tom Whittle
Stony Creek Rods
Stony Creek Rods